Becoming The Therapist

Cover Reveal Coming April 4th!

Since 2013, when I started this journey of being an author, I’ve gone through so many phases. I feel like that’s typical, though, right? Human beings change a million times over the course of life, and when you add in difficult things, like creativity, it just adds another layer of difficulty and frustration. Where I’m at now doesn’t feel like frustration, though. This feels like I’ve solved a math problem I’ve been staring at for 7 years.

All my life, I’ve been a very sexual person. I’m affectionate, I’m loving, I’m attentive, and making sure my wife is happy and satisfied is a daily focus for me. I know not all men are like me, and I’ve always thought I could help men figure it out. Not that I’m perfect, because I’ve definitely made serious mistakes in my life and marriage, but Wifey and I have battled through it all and come out the other side better than ever. We’ve been married over 16 years now, and we’re just as in love and in lust as we were in 2003 when we got married.

So, now I want to help. While I’m passionate for writing, I’m even more passionate about my relationship, and our sex life. This is where The Therapist comes into play. This upcoming series is all about relationships and sex. It’s more than just a book to me, because now I’m combining my passion for writing with my passion for my relationship and sex. Writing this has felt like I’m documenting my life’s work, and it puts everything else I’ve done to shame from a writing standpoint.

The Therapist is next level, and throughout the series, I want to confront real relationship problems. Looking for a hot, BDSM read? Pickup The Therapist series. Can’t satisfy your woman? Read The Therapist series. Want to explore your sexuality and don’t know how? Read The Therapist series. Dealing with infidelity? Read The Therapist series. I think you get my point. This series is both fiction and non-fiction. The characters may not be real, but the issues we’re tackling are.

So, there’s your intro into this series. I wanted the story to be entertaining and hot, but also blanketed in realism that people can relate to. The series is 4 books long, and each book will come out 1 month after the previous one, starting with The Therapist (The Therapist #1) on May 4th. Currently, I’m writing The Fallout (The Therapist #3), and I’m actually sad to be this far into writing the series. I love it too much to let it go, so who knows how long I may keep releasing these books. All I know is that I want these books to be deeper than your usual fiction. This is real life combined with fiction, and if the world loves reading it even half as much as I love writing, it’s going to be a huge success.

So, get yourself ready for a hot summer, folks. The Therapist series is coming!


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