And For My Next Act …

Maybe it’s just me, but time is going by faster and faster these days because the release of Interview with a Sadist came and went so quick that it’s like it never actually happened. I guess that’s the way it goes when you’re treating books like a career for the first time ever, and your book drops but doesn’t perform very well. It’s a lot of build-up and can seem anticlimactic when it doesn’t end with a big bang. Kingdom set a standard that Interview with a Sadist couldn’t quite match, so April has come and gone. On to the next one.

Since I’m on the road to retiring from the military, I have no choice but to be all in on publishing. This is what I do, and the days of me being hard-headed are over. What I want to do next won’t be like anything I’ve never done before, and when I drop this time, it’s going to be to take over as THE man in spicy romance. So, I’m officially announcing my next book title here and now. Drumroll, please 🥁

Bullies will be the first enemies to lovers romance over ever written, and while it definitely presents a brand new challenge, I’m so excited to do something new. I’m hyped to add my WS Greer flare to this trope and to bring my fans a love story that does the job it’s supposed to but in the way that I do it. We’re going to a completely new place for Bullies, and the game won’t be the same for me once I type THE END. So, stay tuned for all of the promo coming up and for exclusive snippets right here at For this one, it’s going to be all eyes on me. Watch out 👑

I plan on doing the buildup to Bullies a lot further out than I did both Kingdom and Interview with a Sadist. So, next month, I hope to drop the synopsis and have pre-order links set up. There’s a very serious and important reason that Bullies has to do well, and I can’t afford to be off my game for this one. I’m about to enter a whole new world. Let’s get it.

So, I just finished Strange the Dreamer, and I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I’d be. I heard some hype for it, but it didn’t really live up to it for me, but I’m on to the next book, called Recursion by Blake Crouch. I’m only a few chapters in, but it’s already looking like it could be the great book I’ve been waiting for so far in 2023. I’ve been impressed by Blake Crouch before, and I’m thinking he’s not gonna let me down. Fingers crossed. Until next time, Greer Mafia 👑

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