The Whirlwind of Kingdom

Kingdom arrived and took over!

So much has happened since my last newsletter, and I tend to get long-winded in these posts, but I’m gonna try to keep this short and sweet.

I have been BUSY. First and foremost, I released my first novel in over 2 years! Kingdom dropped on November 1st and proceeded to give me my best 1st month of sales I’ve ever had. The book world has embraced Kingdom, and I’m so excited that I’ve created this lane for myself. I wrote a spicy romance about BDSM and kinks, and women all over the world have been eating it up. I am forever grateful.

Wifey and me at Indies Invade Philly!

I attended my first book signing ever! It was so special,  and I was floored by how fast I sold out of copies of Kingdom, which was the book I had the most copies of by far. The Therapist sold out right after Kingdom, and the people just kept on coming. It was so amazing,  and I thank every single person who came to our table and showed us love. We love you all!

Nothing brings me greater joy than finalizing the outline for my next book, while Kingdom is still performing so well after its release last month. The plot and outline are 100% complete, and I will start writing this week! I have a title, but it’s too soon after Kingdom’s release to put it out. So, I’m gonna wait and allow Kingdom to have its moment in the sun, but just know that my next book is in progress, and it will be on a whole new level of kink. I am determined to outdo everything I’ve written so far. Stay tuned!

Right now, I’m reading 2 books on completely different ends of the spectrum. On one end, we have Gleanings, by my 2nd favorite author, Neal Shusterman. It’s YA dystopian, and I love it. On the other end, I’m reading Twisted Together, by my #1 favorite author, Pepper Winters. I’m still really early in it, but Pepper has never missed with me, so I know it’s gonna be dark, kinky, and beautifully written. I’m sure I’ll be raving about both of these books in my next newsletter. Does anyone else read more than 1 book at a time?

Thank you all for your continued support. My fans show me so much love and allow me to do what I love for a living. See you all next month, where I’ll release the title of my next dark and kinky romance!

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