Exclusive: New Title Announcement!

My new WIP is coming along great. And it has a title!

Is it already the 7th of January? Geez, time has been going by so fast lately, I can barely keep up. One thing I know for sure, though, is that I’m working my ass off. 2023 is such a monumental year for me, I have no time to waste, which is exactly why I’ve been grinding so hard to complete my next novel!

If you read Kingdom, I’d like to think that you’re excited about what’s next. At first, I didn’t think I could come up with an idea that could rival Kingdom, but then it just came to me while Wifey and I were watching TV one night. My eyes bulged, and I immediately pulled out my phone to jot down ideas for the plot that would work with the title. The next thing I knew, I had it, and I knew it had to be next. So, the title of my book will be …

Without going into too much detail, this is a dark and kinky romance about a sheltered, vanilla journalist who is tasked to interview the owner of a new BDSM club in Philly. This isn’t the blurb (because I haven’t even tried to write that yet), so I won’t give much more detail, but I hope to have the book up for pre-order by my next newsletter!

As I previously stated, if writing for Interview with a Sadist continues to go as well as it has, I should have the book up for pre-order next month. I also hope to have a major announcement about Kingdom! Nothing is official until the contract is signed, but just know that something incredible is in the works!

Last month, I was reading Gleanings, by Neal Shusterman, and it was so good! Neal doesn’t miss, so there’s no surprise there. This month, I’m focusing strictly on Twisted Together, by Pepper Winters. As it turns out, reading 2 books at the same time just doesn’t work for me. Pepper has catapulted to my all-time favorite author, and this book has me absolutely hooked! I can’t wait to let you know how it went next month!

Until next month, Greer Mafia! Embrace your kinks 😈

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