Interview with a Sadist Cover Reveal!

After months of waiting, the cover for Interview with a Sadist is finally here!



“This is the assignment, Bree … and we’re not going to back out just because you have an aversion to weirdos and kinkiness.”
That’s what my editor-in-chief tells me when he gives me the assignment. The Black Collar is the new BDSM club in Philly, and my job is to learn everything I can about the club … and its owner. At first, I detest the idea of sitting down with anyone living such a grotesque lifestyle, but when I meet Nolan Carter, everything I thought I knew is turned on its head until I don’t know which way is up.
With every interview, I learn something new about both Nolan and myself. He tells me things, and I feel every word. I’m reeled in by each new detail, and before I know it, I’m falling down a rabbit hole I can’t climb out of. My friends don’t recognize me anymore, and I can barely recognize myself.
But, the feeling of dread in my gut never dissipates, and just as I’m ready to embrace something new, I’m reminded of the fears I had all along. Though I try to ignore it, there’s a nightmare looming, and it has every intention of plunging my new dream into permanent darkness.

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